Quality Energy Services, Delivered with Uncompromised safety.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of all personnel involved in Alstar’s business operations is a core value at Alstar. We are committed to fostering a culture that prioritizes health and safety above all else. Our goal is to protect the staff, contractors, visitors, clients, property and the public from accident, injury or damage. Alstar’s people look out for themselves and those around them and share in Alstar’s goal of zero incidents.

Managers, supervisors, workers and contractors are responsible for upholding Alstar’s health and safety initiatives and are held accountable for Alstar’s health and safety performance. Active participation by everyone employed by Alstar is expected to fully achieve Alstar’s health and safety expectations. These expectations include the physical, psychological and social well-being of all employees, contractors, visitors and the public when on or near an Alstar site.

Health & Safety Initiatives

Alstar’s Leadership Training Program develops a top-down safety culture through the consistent education and development of our Leadership Team.

Alstar conforms to Energy Safety Canada’s Life Saving Rules and has a mandatory compliance policy to help meet our goal of eliminating workplace incidents and injuries.

Alstar is a member in good standing with ISN, ComplyWorks and Avetta.

Alstar offers various in-house training and competency programs that reinforce our safety culture. 

Alstar has a formal Substance Abuse Program that includes pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

Alstar’s In-Vehicle Monitoring System provides Safe Journey management, Driving Habit Monitoring and Location Tracking of our entire fleet of vehicles.

Alstar’s Short Service Worker (SSW) and Industry Competent, Alstar New (ICAN) program provides protection, mentorship, and evaluation of young, new and experienced but new to Alstar employees.

Alstar offers a variety of other leading indicator HSE programs including Behaviour-Based Report Cards, Supervisor HSE Audit program, Near-Miss and Incident Investigations and Return to Work Programs.


Alstar is committed to fostering an environmentally sustainable community by providing the leadership to conserve, protect and improve the environment for the benefit of the regional community. Alstar’s goal is to integrate social, economic and environmental objectives into a coordinated decision-making process to maintain high standards of living, social harmony and environmental quality.

As part of Alstar’s commitment to the environment, Alstar:


Quality is part of everything we do—it’s in our mission, our values and our brand promise.

Over the last 50 years, Alstar has developed a full-service, in-house Quality Assurance and Quality Control Team responsible for upholding our mission to deliver quality energy services. Part of the QA/QC Team’s mandate is to: