Indigenous Relations

As a leader in oilfield construction in Western Canada, Alstar understands that the responsible development of oilfield facilities considers both the long- and short-term opportunities and impacts that operations can have on local Indigenous communities.

We recognize that our operations are most often on traditional Indigenous land and believe that these Indigenous communities are our invaluable partners who shall share in the economic benefits of the energy industry.

Alstar's Commitment to Indigenous Peoples

Alstar will develop an environment that creates opportunities for meaningful Indigenous inclusion, built on a foundation of respect for their individual cultures and customs. Our approach to Indigenous relations will be consistent company-wide and is governed by the following acknowledgments, commitments and Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Drivers.

Alstar Acknowledges:

  • The traditional Indigenous territories and treaty land on which its projects are on and recognizes the Indigenous presence within these areas.
  • The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and is committed to working within its framework; and the framework of the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations, specifically the Business and Reconciliation Calls to Actions.
  • That the Indigenous People of Canada have Aboriginal title and rights, and some have treaty rights as protected by the Canadian Constitution.
  • That each Indigenous community has its own distinct traditions, values and beliefs.
  • That each Indigenous community has its own unique connections to the lands and waters on which they live.
  • That we shall invest in Indigenous communities where we have partnerships to ensure Indigenous Peoples are qualified, or are willing to be trained for participation in Alstar’s projects and to ensure local Indigenous communities share in the economic benefits of Alstar’s projects.

Alstar is Committed to:

  • Taking a long-term approach to our Indigenous relations efforts so that we can build meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.
  • Incorporating Indigenous Peoples and communities into our projects by providing opportunities in employment, training and business development so that together we can grow and prosper.
  • Developing mutually-beneficial relationships built on a foundation of trust and respect for the unique languages, customs, values, traditions and political, social and cultural institutions of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.
  • Determining specific approaches to understand Indigenous perspectives for each unique Indigenous community through meaningful consultation and engagement with community leaders based on both the needs of the community and the impacts of the project.
  • Transparent, open and honest communication with local Indigenous communities affected by our operations.
  • Being responsive to feedback from Indigenous communities affected by our business operations.
  • Providing opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity by strengthening individual and community capacity and improving project outcomes.
  • Supporting Indigenous education and training to provide equitable access to employment opportunities.
  • Providing Alstar employees with Indigenous Awareness and Sensitivity training on a priority basis to achieve a company-wide understanding of the challenges faced.
  • Learning from Indigenous teachings and knowledge regarding the land and environment and considering these teachings in the decision-making process.

Alstar will demonstrate its commitment by focusing our work with Indigenous Peoples and communities on the drivers outlined in the PAR Framework:

  • Leadership Actions – Creating an organizational focus on Alstar’s Indigenous relations efforts through a clear and communicated commitment to the PAR Program from our leadership team.
  • Employment & Training – Achieving equitable representation of Indigenous People in the workplace, by developing and implementing recruitment and retention strategies, supporting career development and advancement and promoting upwards mobility of Indigenous employees.
  • Business Development – Ensuring Indigenous Peoples share the economic benefits of the energy industry through the development of business relationships and potential partnerships with Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • Community Investment – Developing initiatives that benefit Indigenous communities through both in-kind and financial support, such as promoting involvement in sports, recreational activities and post-secondary scholarships.
  • Community Engagement & Consultation – Building trust and understanding with the Indigenous communities and peoples in the areas Alstar operates through open and honest dialogue and ongoing communications, meetings, visits and participation in community events.

By outlining and upholding our commitment to Indigenous Peoples, we believe that together we can create a stable and sustainable future for generations to come.

Scott Fofonoff
President and CEO